"Milano Salone 2008" the international furnishing accessories exhibition.
WOW will join to the exhibition "Tokyo Wonder" that will held by CURIOSITY and TONERICO.
WOW will exhibit the latest motion graphic work "LIGHTS & SHADOWS".
This will show you chaotic beauty of a Tokyo night view.
It is peculiar scenic beauty refined and expressed in light and shadow.

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WOW Magazine 1st issue

WOW has been produced 18 original short films and 7 installations, also 9 exhibitions until now.
All those self-produced works are very important for WOW it self to be WOW.
Each and every works brought us the great future that much more than we expected.
All those works connected us to very talented people all over the world and people that who has similar visions.
So we will keep produce original works.
We are hoping to get together with more people and have exiting moments together in the future.

We made this newsletter "WOW magazine" to let you know that what we are up to.
However newsletters will publish irregularly.
But when you receive it that means we are up to something exciting!

We are very excited to have our 10th exhibition in Milano salone.
We are looking forward to see you there!

By creative director Kosuke Oho

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