Exhibiting movies for TOYOTA concept cars

In January 2016, at the 2016 International CES held in Las Vegas, exhibiting movies for the TOYOTA Concept cars "TOYOTA FCV PLUS"and "TOYOTA KIKAI" were shown. WOW was responsible for the planning, direction, and production of the two films.

From eco friendly car to "energy car."

Producing electricity from hydrogen, the ultimate eco friendly car that only emits water is the fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
The future concept model "TOYOTA FCV PLUS" has an organic structure internal frame, and it has been developed as a car that not only produces energy for driving, but it can also share energy with society. The core unit provides electricity even after its function as a car has stopped, and it plays a positive mission in contributing to society.
"With the success of evolving fuel cell vehicles, we wish to give future society a bright hope."
Using images without explanatory narration, the above thought and vision of TOYOTA was depicted.

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The intrinsic appeal of machines. Rebuilding the relationship between people and cars.

Capturing the car as a machine that has been created by human hands, "TOYOTA KIKAI" reintroduces the appeal of this image. With such things as the exquisite charm and beauty of its structure, its enjoyment, and its warmth, this concept car has been developed from an idea of wanting the joy of people interacting with things to be felt again.
Not only with the color variations or the fabric selections, but also including the possibility of being able to customize the exterior parts according to your taste, the fun of ownership will probably increase.
In order to convey the appeal of such a "rich machine that one feels a fondness for," a three-part composition of "building up parts," "relationship with the driver," and "variations" was depicted.

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