Shiseido “LINK OF LIFE / Feel. Touch. The Big CoLab. EXHIBITION”

Starting on the 23rd of October, Shiseido is opening an exhibition titled 'Touch it, feel it. The LINK OF LIFE, a Great Beauty Laboratory'. WOW is in charge of the video footage projected on a monitor installed at the entrance to the Camellia Hall. The theme of this presentation will be the notions of "Touch" and "Feel", as a celebration of the upcoming 100th year anniversary of Shiseido's research center, to be celebrated next year. Their research center continues to express itself in innovative ways, and many of its products will be on display.

WOW shows the works of Mote Sinabel, a photographer whose pictures have taken on the themes of "Touch" and "Feel". With these photographs we have challenged a kind of 'dépaysement' to make one feel a "sense of touch" with one's "sense of vision".

The key visual elements which comprise most aspects of the main event could be said to be surrealist, in terms of art nomenclature. The composition of pieces by surrealist artists such as Dali or Magritte tends to give off a feeling of being random and bizarre, but is in fact a highly delicate form of art which requires much craft. One of their techniques, which WOW is employing on this occasion, is the so-called 'dépaysement', which translates as 'the feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country' ('dé', separate onesself + 'pays', home country + 'ment', noun inflection). This feeling surprises you by using an unexpected arrangement, and makes you feel like you've lost your way ('dépayser').

The present works employ this 'dépaysement' technique in the realm of video art, and are an experiment to see if they can make you experience a sense of "Touch" and "Feel". If you happen to find yourself in Ginza, please do come and visit this exhibition.

Shiseido Art展.jpg

Date: Octorber23rd, 2015 - October 28th, 2015
Venue:1F-3F, Shiseido Ginza Building (7-5-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Time:11:00 - 20:00 (Last entrance 19:30)


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