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The “DIGITAL FUN STUDIO” in the Panasonic Center Osaka, located within Grand Front Osaka, is now open after renovation. WOW has been in charge of the planning, direction, and production of the content streaming on their 98-inch vertical 4K display.
In order to make full use of the high definition image quality achievable only with 4K, we used the concept of a “BOX” as a base to present various different scenes in an omnibus style, as if a real box was placed there. We made use of 100% computer graphics to experiment with a presentation that brings out the reproducibility of a 4K display to its maximum.
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A WOW produced short film has opened at the NIKKOR Motion Gallery, a project dedicated to the exploration of new possibilities in film presented by Nikon.

This film, "The Setting Up" is a first step into the world of short film by contemporary artist Leandro Erlich, famous for "Leandro's Pool" at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Leandro Erlich transitioned to short films with this film showing the assembly of his 2005 "Toilette" installation. The film shows how a viewer perceives the phenomenon that occurs between the subject, a mirror, and space.

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