A 360° experiential movie with a VR headset
TOYOTA “Hybrid Theater”

We have planned, directed, and produced a 360°VR movie that uses a VR headset, with content for the TOYOTA Motor Show.

The riding simulations in this movie offer viewers a fascinating and fun experience that goes beyond the hybrid cars that until today that have all presented a politically-correct image of “environmentally friendly eco-cars,” to an experience of the potential of “a fast but quiet car that also excels in driving performance.”

A Prius gets souped up racing-car style in a laboratory, then departs from a port town along an ocean road and races a route through the city like a jet coaster, all presented from the POV of riding in the car.

The head mount display uses Oculus Rift. The driving scenes, which have undergone high-resolution spherical rendering, and the textual elements are all rendered in 3D with parallax.

The movie will commence screening at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 20th, 2015 and is planned for worldwide release.





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