wowlab website renewal

We have renewed wowlab site, which is a platform to discover and explore the way of expressions and studies of our own. On the site, you'll find articles about how we approach projects and develop work processes, interesting interviews with creators and artists, and information on our brand-new “SEEDS Project”, which is our in-house workshop. The SEED project is a study of the bringing together of cutting-edge technology and human expression, with the aim of producing “new seeds of creation”. We plan to accumulate and release each of these creations. 
We want the wowlab website to be a place where we can share the results of our daily research and development at the WOW.

As a first step, we have just released an article about the SMART CANVAS project, that we developed in partnership with SEIKO EPSON.
 We will be looking at the design process used to produce a wrist wear that utilizes “active matrix EPD technology”. The untold story behind the project will be released in three parts.

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