Japanese traditional craftsmen x Marc Newson
Japanese sword “aikuchi” is being launched globally and we are now accepting orders.


Tokyo, March 18th, 2015 - WOW inc. is pleased to announce that the Japanese sword “aikuchi”, designed by Marc Newson, has been officially launched at Aman Tokyo, and orders are being accepted from March 18th, 2015.

The art of Japanese sword making - bringing a greater sense of “beauty” to the world

Not just the blade, but the entire piece, including the scabbard, handle, and all the decorative sword fittings, is considered to be one of the world’s finest art pieces, put together through the application of exquisite traditional craftsmanship. WOW inc has brought the finest of Marc Newson’s modern creativity to the sword. Tradition and innovation - bringing forth a soul and resonance, that crystallizes the Japanese sense. WOW inc. fuses tradition and innovation to bring a greater sense of “beauty” to the world.

Revitalizing Japanese traditional industries

In this project, WOW inc portrays the strength of Japanese traditional craftsmanship to art collectors the world over, by stimulating a new found sense of value from a global perspective. Furthermore, we hope to revitalize traditional craftsmanship in a region that has been suffering from sluggish demand, and that is now facing a severe shortage of apprentices to pass on these centuries-old artistic traditions.

Product:aikuchi *only 10 editions
Price:USD 300,000

Support the charity for Tohoku

The global launch of aikuchi was held in the library of Aman Tokyo during the hotel’s grand opening party, surrounded by over 400 books exploring Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Paying homage to Japanese traditions, Aman Tokyo provided their library as the venue for this global launch. 15 % of sales made at Aman Tokyo will be donated by Aman to support the charity group of Tohoku, Japan.

Background of the project

WOW has worked on many visual design projects in the past, but this is the first time the company has produced a design piece completely and comprehensively from initial conceptual design to finished product. Hiroshi Takahashi, the president of WOW, was born in Miyagi in Tohoku, a region in which the traditional fields of arts and craftsmanship are considered cultural assets to the region. His father is ninth generation swordsmith Hokke Saburo Nobufusa, who is continuing his family’s 300-year-old tradition. Hiroshi Takahashi was raised by his father, and from an early age was immersed in Japanese traditional artwork, but he chose to follow a different path that led him away from his family’s profession and into the field of digital design. The devastating Tohoku earthquake however, compelled him to contribute and to try to help the traditional craftsmen of Tohoku, by opening up unrealized global possibilities. His father, ninth generation swordsmith Hokke Saburo Nobufusa, is a vital part of the project.

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