Nikon is launching a new project, “NIKKOR Motion Gallery” to introduce a world of new possibilities for imaging using NIKKOR lenses.

WOW was in charge of creating the new content for Nikon’s global branding site, “”. The site aims to promote NIKKOR interchangeable lenses to a worldwide market.
The NIKKOR Motion Gallery is a new project on “” that introduces a wealth of new opportunities for motion graphic imaging, made possible with NIKKOR lenses. Top artists from a wide range of fields have come together to expand the world of video imaging, and in so doing have created a completely new genre of work made possible thanks to the combination of NIKKOR lenses and Nikon cameras.
Both WOW and Augment5 created motion graphics for this event that demonstrated the many new possibilities that NIKKOR lenses have opened up for motion graphics imaging.
NIKKOR Motion Gallery

Motion graphics by WOW “TOKYO DENSE FOG”

These images show the face of Tokyo through a dense fog and the scattering of light. It captures the many faces that Tokyo shows in a day, and transforms into a poetic and dreamy landscape swallowed up by a perfectly white world. The light is scattered by countless droplets of water, shimmering in the air.
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You can watch this motion graphics at Nikon booth of Exhibition “CP+2015” at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA held from February 12th(Thu) to 15th(Sun). We invite you to come visit the exhibition, and enjoy these art pieces.

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