WOW’s new picture book “Moom” has just been released.

WOW’s new picture book “Moom” has just been released and will be on sale from Friday, June 20th. This is the story of the main character Moom, who lives on the shore of an apple-shaped lake. Moom meets Rumin. They fall in love, then sadly they separate. It is a sentimental, yet heartwarming tale. The story was created by the famous Japanese film producer, Genki Kawamura, renowned for such films as “Kokuhaku”, “Villain” and “Moteki”, and well known for his book “What if all the cats in the world disappeared”. The Illustrations were done by Yuki Mashiko; a young and an up-and-coming Japanese illustrator. Takahashi, who is the president of WOW, was in charge of producing.

We urge you to pick up a copy of this heartwarming picture book “Moom”.

And what’s more, we have plans to turn this story into a short film, to be released in 2015.
We hope to bring you more on this exciting project very soon.

Story:Genki Kawamura
Illustration:Yuki Mashiko
Production:WOW inc.
Available for order:Friday, June 20th, 2014
Price:1,512yen (including tax)

Moom official website