The 43rd TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013

The 43rd TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013 has been started from November 23rd. WOW was involved in the below installation works for the TOYOTA booth.



TOYOTA's new FCV CONCEPT car efficiently combines hydrogen with oxygen from the air to produce electricity to power this innovative new vehicle. WOW was involved in helping deliver the concept behind the cutting-edge technology used in the new FCV CONCEPT, which is currently still in development. The real full-sized chassis of the car will be on display on the main stage, and the WOW-produced accompanying movie will be showing on the large 3.5m high x 18m wide LED screen. The movie will be showing on the main stage screen once every hour.




WOW has been working in conjunction with TOYOTA on a new collaborative research project called "with TOYOTA HEART PROJECT". The result of this project has been the creation of the OoA heart software - "OoA-insight", and hardware - "OoA-creature". WOW has been heavily involved in the research and development for "OoA-insight".

OoA feels and listens to the voice of the user, and imitates and learns from what the user says. Just as a baby learns from her parents, OoA learns to speak from its user.

"OoA-insight" is still in the research and development stage until March 2014, and is currently welcoming public participation in the project. "OaA-insight" for iOS can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store, and the Android version can be found on Google Play.

You can come and meet "OoA-creature" at the TOYOTA booth of the TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013, MEGAWEB-ODAIBA, and Smart Life Experience-CITY SHOWCASE for the duration of the TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013.

Please come and take part in the TOYOTA HEART PROJECT.


The 43rd TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2013 will be held until Sunday, December 1st. Please come and enjoy TOYOTA's technology and the rest of the motor show.

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