VISUAMUSIO ver. 1.5 - anytime, anywhere. Now enjoy your visual music creating even more.

VISUAMUSIO - you can create your own visual music using a combination of simple figures and colors. This upgraded version includes a variety of new functions and now also runs on the iPhone. You can enjoy creating visual music more easily; anytime, anywhere.
If you already have the app for iPad, this iPhone version can be downloaded for free.
So why not give it a try!

visuamusio up
visuamusio up

VISUAMUSIO is an iOS application that enables users to simply make visual music without any experience. The canvas rotates slowly and you just need to play with shapes and colors to make visual image of music. Playing with visual images naturally leads to understanding of the relativity between motion and sounds then to making of your own music.

Throughout history, experimental filmmakers and animators have been intrigued by the relationships between sight and sound, visual imagery and musical composition, and have explored these in new and exciting forms of expression. The abstract films and animations referred to as “Visual Music”, were first born between the 1940s and the 1960s, and have had a lasting influence on modern computer animation and motion graphics. This project re construct the experiments of past artists in iPad and continue to search for the possibility of visual image and sound.

Main features

-Universal App
We’ve kept all the functions of the iPad version, and have simply redesigned it so that you can now enjoy it on the smaller screen of the iPhone.

visuamusio up

-Magic button
So that even first time users can enjoy VISUAMUSIO right away, we’ve prepared a number of samples for you to try.

visuamusio up

-Saving / Editting / sharing
It is now possible to load and edit other user's visual music, which has been uploaded to the VISUAMUSIO website.*
You can also upload, save and edit your own work anytime, anywhere. Moreover we’ve made it possible to post to your Facebook timeline or direct to Twitter, so more and more people can enjoy your visual music.
* only possible for work created using this version

visuamusio up

-Multiple touch
It is now possible for multiple screen touching, so family and friends can all enjoy making visual music together.

$3.99 (special price of $2.99 *only available for one month)


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WOW inc. ( ) WOW is a visual design studio based in Tokyo, Sendai and London involved in a wide range of creative design, from advertising and commercial works to installation works for exhibition spaces and even user interface designs for prominent brand names. WOW is also very passionate about creating original art work, holding exhibitions in and out of Japan.