We have a New Look

We have just renewed our CI and website here at WOW.
The new design does not have one fixed look, but instead it has infinite combination of patterns. It is in our intention to show that design does not always have one fixed outcome, rather it is a challenging process that is constantly evolving. We want to create values that go beyond visual design.
Our challenge goes on under the guidance of this renewed identity.


Designer's Message

I was impressed by WOW’s attitude of wanting to carve out their own ways of creativity on various fields of visual design.
I tried to create a corporate identity (CI) that represents that attitude and aspect about WOW rather than just designing some superficial graphics.
Their new logo disregards the fundamentals of CI, as there is no single "official" look. All the staff members have different variations of letter size and patterns on their stationeries, business cards, posters and so on, and will appear differently on each different media. Please keep an eye out for the innovative future of WOW and their new look.


Designer Profile

Typo/Graphic Designer, Creative Director (&Form)
Born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 1978. Moved to England in 2002, following studies as an invited student at the communication research centre Fabrica in Italy, financed by the Benetton Group. Studied under typographer Phil Baines at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. Following graduation in 2004, joined Hans Dieter Reichert Design whose main client was Phaidon Press Ltd. In 2006, moved to southern Switzerland to assume the position of art director/chief graphic designer of the m.a.x.museo. During the following five years, was engaged in the curating, planning and designing of numerous exhibitions and their promotional materials in Switzerland and overseas. Following work at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI) as a design collaborator, he returned to Japan and established the creative/communication laboratory; &Form LLC in June, 2012.