WOW is delighted to announce we have released an application for iPhone “addLib” in the iTunes Store of Apple, which is the first commemorative application from our project “AppArt” by WOW. addLib changes your photos into graphic design pieces. The types of design are infinite. It produces beautiful and sophisticated pieces one after another based on the golden ratio and a fractal theory. We respect a variety of algorithm, which people has found through the process of searching for “nature” and “beauty” , and look back graphic design in the 20th century with this application.

What is the AppArt?

AppArt is an application art project by WOW. We have started making mobile devices modified from our video installations for museums. Transience at an exhibition space and infinity in digital data; It is "AppArt" that will mix both of the features dynamically and exquisitely.

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Decode: Digital Design Sensations

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has hosted the first exhibition featured digital and interactive design “Decode: Digital Design Sensations” in South Kensington, London, from the 8th of December 2009 to the 11th April 2010. They have invited our work “Light Rain” from wowlab to show at the exhibition.

Live movie

35 artists show their works from all over the world at Decode. The venue is filled with amazing works with the high quality of design and technology, where explores three themes: Code, Interactivity and Network.

Our work “Light Rain” is shown at the inner part of the Interactivity section.

Audience got closer to the screen, and indulged in the work, and then looked at a distance again… taking time to enjoy. There was a good audience reaction to Light Rain, which has the unique outlook of WOW, with each audience’s interpretation.

Every other works were very inspiring at Decode, so they gave us an opportunity to consider expression and technology deeply. We’ve found a new direction like what we should focus on and how we can express. If you see a work, it affects you so much and is changing yourself. We can say it would be an interaction.