Maison & Objet 2009

WOW was invited to "Maion & Objet 2009", an international interior design fair in Paris from 4 to 8 September. We exhibited the installation of shadows and motion graphics “Tengible” upgraded for the fair, which had been also shown in TENT LONDON for the first time.

The huge venue was filled by a lot of visitors from all over the world. This time our installation “Tengible” was exhibited in the most notable booth “INSPIRATIONS”, where new direction of interior design was introduced.

The work draws illusory images as if everything were existing right there on the combination of real silhouettes of the objects behind the screen and the video image of imaginary shadows.

The visitors could very likely feel something stronger than the presence of real substances by the shown images which are unsubstantial but looked so tangible and real.


MEGAHOUSE - to make the most of a city

Hitoshi Abe and Masashige Motoe, motion graphics by wowlab

The exhibition “MEGAHOUSE - to make the most of a city” produced by Hitoshi Abe and Masashige Motoe was held at the gallery RAKU, Kyoto University of Art and Design from 30th September to 11th October. wowlab was in charge of the motion graphics and system of the installations.

“MEGAHOUSE” is an idea that the whole city working out as a huge dwelling by Hitoshi Abe and Masashige Motoe. The project is a proposal of lifestyle and the system of a city. We tried to make an experimental motion graphics in this work. The whole of the work was composed by making images into modules.

The workflow of the last exhibition:

The screen images were projected with eight projectors, which were controlled by programming with Quartz Composer, and Cocoa application from scratch. We also tried new technology that supports expression of motion graphics.

The concept “module” is originally included in motion graphic itself. It was emphasized physically as well by dividing the screens and being located in the real space. It might suggest the direction from “motion graphics to see” towards “motion graphics to exist”. The experience working for the exhibition in a project team with architects will give us a great clue for progressing our ideals of motion graphics and spatial design.



TENT LONDON 2009 was held at TRUMAN BREWERY in London from 24th to 27th September. WOW has joined TENT LONDON for three years in a row since the first time of the event in 2007, and we were invited to the new showcase TENT DIGITAL this year.

TENT DIGITAL was produced by TENT LONDON for the first ever LONDON DIGITAL WEEK this year, where a variety of interactive and digital contents were exhibited.

We are surprised with the quality of the works every year, because they have such an amazing environment for education as the University of the Arts London including Central Saint Martins in London, to develop studentsnew ways of expression and their talents. Especially this year, we could find amazing works that show each expression and technology balanced.

WOW exhibited "LIGHTS & SHADOWS" that was also shown in Milano Salone last year. Using 3 projectors to screen the totally different image from ordinary television and signage ones, we created so huge visual space projected 8 meters width image that spreads almost out of audiences' sights. The large scale of work could make the audience get into the visual world and feel the power, beauty and transience of Tokyo, not logically but visually.

The show this time in London reminded us that this work let the audience imagine Tokyo differently in each one's mind through lights and shadows of the city. Walking into the work's space, and the each scene projected in one's minds would be the real aspect of this work.

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