Tokyo-based design studios CURIOSITY, TONERICO and creative visual studio WOW held a collaborative exhibition ‘Tokyo Wonder’ in Milan during the international furnishing accessories exhibition, Milano Salone 2008, from 16th to 21st April. The exhibition was held at La Posteria gallery ( ), located near the historic Castello Sforzesco.

WOW exhibited its latest work ‘LIGHTS & SHADOWS’ - a motion graphic work that shows the chaotic beauty of a Tokyo night view. This work employed 3 video projectors to create an immense 8 × 2 meter wide view of a Tokyo nightscape. For ‘LIGHT & SHADOWS’ we invested a lot of time in developing a new system that synchronizes 3 computers to project the images. At the venue, everything worked perfectly thanks to the wonderful assistance setting everything up from the local staff in Milan.

Traditionally, Milano Salone is a furnishing accessories exhibition. So Tokyo Wonder’s combination of product design, installation and visual design stood out as a very unique exhibition style for the event and therefore had a powerful impact on the audience. Soon after the opening, ‘Tokyo Wonder’ was the talk of the town and it quickly developed into the ‘must see’ event of this year’s Salone. We were delighted to see many people repeatedly returning to visit the exhibition and journalists and designers from all over the world excitedly proclaiming it the best exhibition of this year’s Salone.

For those who didn't get a chance to see it, ‘Tokyo Wonder’ is being exhibited at Anteprima on Corso Como in Milan until the end of May.

It was an important opportunity for us to exhibit a visual design work at a prestigious international event such as Milano Salone. We would like to thank everyone who helped us put it together.

We really appreciate it! We enjoyed presenting to everyone the diverse possibilities for visual design itself and Tokyo Wonder’s success has given us a lot of encouragement for the future. We are very happy you could be a part of it.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!



We are happy to report the exhibition 'icon experiment' in London was a great success.
We will report more on this in our next issue.

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