Exhibiting works at the 2016 La Triennale di Milano, NEO PREHISTORY



NEO PREHISTORY is a joint curation of Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara. They have combined 100 instruments and verbs to express a history of desire like a fixed form of poetry. Intelligence is not the only element of evolution. Stupidity, violence, and dishonesty have evolved just as equally. The exhibition communicates that evolutional fate of humanity all the way from the Stone Age to the modern times through the perpetual connection of our kind and the tools.
With the coming of artificial intelligence, we face the twilight of our age once again. This exhibition proposes a new ground of intellect for such humanity. We are not as smart as we ought to be, but the beauty of life is in the way we keep living. NEO PREHISTORY celebrates that aspect of humanity in strict, but kind eyes.


WOW has displayed three works at this exhibition and has designed the sound for the entire exhibition hall.

1. Produced three kinds of animation based on Andrea Branzi's key frames hinting at the roots of humanity and one animation based on Kenya Hara's key frames displaying the evolution of organisms.

2. Produced an animation inspired by Work #98, “Self-Organizing”. It uses nine iPhones to display the organic movements that were automatically generated by a program.

3. Exhibited an original version of a 3D mist hologram from MAT 2016 exhibition inspired by Work #100, “Reproducing”.




2016 La Triennale di Milano
Dates: Saturday, April 2nd, 2016-Monday, September 12th, 2016 ※Closed on Monday
Venue: Palazzo della Triennale, Triennale Design Museum
Address:Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano, Italy
Work:“NEO PREHISTORY” by Andrea Branzi/Kenya Hara
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